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New Iphone on conference calls: Meetings away from the meeting room

Conference calls are telephone calls in which the calling party wishes to have more than one called party listen in to the audio portion of the call. A conference call may be designed to allow the called party to participate during the call or the call may be set up so that the called party only listens into the call and can´t talk.  Conference call is called by ATC -Audio Tele-Conference.

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The new iPhone has so many features that sometimes we even forget that he used to make calls. And the device has several nice features for managing calls. Learn how to use some of them:

1) Make two connections at the same time
You can have more than one person on the phone at the same time. If you’re talking with someone and want to add another participant, tap the Contacts button or the Add button.
The second option allows you to examine not only the main contact list, but also bookmarks, recent and keypad.

The iPhone puts the first party on hold while you dial the number or tap the appropriate contact. When someone answers, press group to combine the two calls into a conference call or tap Swap to switch between the two calls.

2) Get two calls
If you’re already on a call when another call, you have two options: ignore or place the initial call on hold and answer the new. The first option directs the call being received to voicemail. The second puts the first “caller” on hold while you answer the new. Then you can join the two calls (conference) or switch between them.

3) Make Audio Tele Conference or Conference Call
Grouping button: click it to talk to two people at once

Basic Tips for connections

4) Connections simple: send to Voicemail
When someone calls you, the iPhone gives you two options on the screen: Accept or decline. Tap the Decline (red) to redirect the call to voicemail. Tap the Accept button (green) to answer the call, of course.

4) speakerphone and mute phone
Six buttons appear during phone calls: Mute, Keypad, Speaker, Add, Hold and Contacts. The Mute button turns off the microphone. You still hear the caller on the other end of the line, but he does not hear you. The Standby button mutes both sides of the conversation. Press the Speaker to place the call on speakerphone and talk without having to hold the iPhone to your ear.

Simple ? Yes, of course.  If you need help you can contact your mobile operator to get more details about your plan´s and possibilities to do conference call in your New Iphone.

Free electricity: Natural gas can transform into renewable energy source

A gigantic natural gas field discovered a few years ago in the United States is showing scientists that fossil fuel can turn into a source of renewable energy and enable electicity a too low cost. And the secret is use anaerobics bacterias to produce it.

Source of Renewable natural gas

Staff Geologist Steven Petsch, University of Massachusetts, found that natural gas was generated during the last glaciation by eating bacteria, carbon trapped in rocks below the ice. These bacteria can live without the presence of oxygen.

“Bacteria digested the carbon in the rocks and produced enormous quantities of natural gas in a relatively short period of time, tens of thousands of years instead of millions,” he says. “This suggests that it may be possible to seed carbon-rich environments with bacteria to create natural gas reservoirs.”

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The Methane in the atmosphere

The study also helps explain the high levels of methane in the atmosphere in interglacial periods, a trend recorded in ice cores collected in Greenland and Antarctica. When the ice is retracted, methane trapped in porous rocks below was released to the atmosphere.

The geological formation of the Antrim Shale field shows that, for most of its history, the water inside was too salty to allow the life of the bacteria. But during the ice ages, current areas rich in natural gas received an influx of fresh water is injected into the rock by the pressure of the ice.

Gas Generators

Today there are many natural gas generators that can generate electricity a too low cost. Combined with  the use of natural gas generated by bacterias, we can have renewable sources of energy, and turns the world more renovable at all.